Officials Investigating Woman Found Dead in Mount Vernon Jail Cell

Mount Vernon officials and police held a conference on Tuesday, where they released what little information they have on the death of a 42-year old woman who was found dead in her jail cell at police headquarters on Monday. Raynette Turner, a mother of eight was arrested on Saturday for shoplifting from a Wholesale Food Store. Charged with petty larceny, she was held in the jail for arraignment on Monday afternoon. Police stated that on Sunday the woman began to feel ill and was taken to the hospital for treatment. She was returned to the jail and was found dead in her cell on Monday. Officials do not believe there was foul play involved but stated an autopsy is being completed to determine the cause of death, which remains unclear. Turner’s family stated she had health issues and depression, but are raising questions about the lack of information surrounding her death. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s new task force for police-involved deaths has sent officials to investigate the circumstances, the terms of the newly organized team would allow them to investigate and prosecute police officers if found necessary.

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