Cuomo Campaign Money Linked to KJ Community After Vetoes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for taking money from the community of Kiryas Joel in Orange County just days after he chose to veto two bills that would have allowed officials and residents to have a say in the proposed expansion of the Hasidic Village. The village is looking to annex either 507 acres or 164 acres of land from the town of Monroe. According to information from state reports presented by News 12, the $250,000 deposited into the campaign account on July 14 can be traced back to various developers and business owners in Kiryas Joel including the largest amount of $50,000 from Woodland Estates, LLC owned by developer Mayer Hirsch. Hirsch also owns several other businesses giving money to the campaign linked to properties he owns in the village. Many residents, including activist group United Monroe, are pointing fingers at Cuomo, stating that it is hard to miss the connection and not to make assumptions. Cuomo’s office has stated that the Governor clearly laid out his reasons for vetoing the bills, one being that the legislation would have hurt the residents it was intended to help.

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