Settlement in Eric Garner Case

New York City settled with the family of Eric Garner on Monday. Garner, a black man, was killed during an interaction with white police officers when he was placed in a choke hold after being arrested for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. The incident was caught on video and shows the man speaking with police, resisting handcuffs, and then being taken to the ground where he repeatedly said “I can’t breathe” and lost consciousness. Garner was pronounced dead later at a local hospital and though it was found that the chokehold played a part in Garner’s death and maneuver is banned in the NYPD, the no officer was indicted on charges. The man’s family received a settlement of $5.9 million and at a press conference held Tuesday Reverend Al Sharpton stated that there are still larger problems to solve and a rally scheduled for Saturday will still be held, to urge a quicker federal investigation into Garner’s death. New York has not admitted any liability in the incident, city Comptroller Scott Stringer stating that the legal department often settles civil rights disputes to save legal fees.

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