Women Sentenced in Nadell Murder

The two women who were arrested last year for their role in the murder of Peggy Nadell, were sentenced on Friday. In January 2014 Diana Nadell, the 80-year old Valley Cottage resident’s daughter-in-law, and Andrea benson of Washington DC killed the woman in her kitchen to gain access to her $4 million estate. Both women were convicted on murder charges with Nadell sentenced to 23-years to life in prison and Benson receiving 20-years to life. Elita Grant, Nadell’s niece from California, and Tanisha Joyner of Washington DC pleaded guilty to second-degree hindering the prosecution and were sentenced on Friday to Conditional Discharges and Time Served for their cooperation with the police, which prosecutors stated helped lead to a guilty plea from Nadell. During the crime Joyner used Nadell’s cellphone to make a call from DC as an alibi and Grant put Nadell into contact with her accomplice, Benson. Peggy Nadell’s daughter, who found her body stated that she is glad the case is over, but is not happy that the two women were released from jail. Friends and family held a memorial celebration on Saturday to pay tribute to the Grandmother and community activist.

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