Nyack Man Arrested for Naked Scene at Mawhah Hotel

According to Mahwah Police a 23-year old Nyack man was arrested on Monday for allegedly causing a scene in a hotel lobby and parking lot. Reports state that around 4:30 PM Scott McManus was in the lobby of a hotel on Corporate Drive, where he was propositioning guests to have sex with him, before he took his pants off. Wearing only a tank top, McManus was escorted out of the hotel by the manager. Police arrived as the man was wandering the parking lot shouting profanities. When he saw officers approaching the Nyack resident ran back into the building and attempted to tackle the manager and continued resisting arrest, even spitting on officers. Police managed to handcuff McManus and arrested him on multiple charges including public lewdness, assault, possession of three types of drugs, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

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