Multiple Calls for East Ramapo School Superintendent to Resign

On Sunday Morning residents rallied outside of East Ramapo School District Superintendent Joel Klein’s home in New City, where they asked the school official to resign his position. The crowd held handmade signs and chanted “Klein must Resign” to express their frustration of what many believe are bad decisions made by the Orthodox Jewish controlled school board. Many parents have stated that public school students are being ignored when it comes to funding for transportation and programs such as art and music, because the board favors private schools. Last week the State Legislature failed to pass the East Ramapo oversight bill that would have allowed a monitor to veto the boards choices and required the district to follow an improvement plan. The Assembly passed the bill, but the Republican leaders in the senate stated that wary of the legislation because it would set a precedent for other New York districts to take power away from elected board members. Senator David Carlucci, one of the sponsors of the original bill wrote a new bill that took away veto power of the monitor and and gave the comptrollers office more authority while also lowering the time frame from five years to two. The majority of residents and state officials including Assembly members Ellen Jaffee and Kenneth Zebrowski were disappointed in the new bill, and fought for a revised version of the original, which the senate decided to forgo voting on. On Thursday the Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch stated that Klein should resign from his position as Superintendent. And on Sunday parents and students of the district expressed their agreement of those statements, urging Klein to resign.

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