Rockland County Executive Approves Purchase of Flood Barriers

Rockland County executive Ed Day has approved the $150,000 purchase for temporary flood barriers. According to the press release, the barriers will be Kevlar- type material and will replace sand bags. These barriers can be set up by as few as two people as opposed to the many people it takes to place sandbags. The barriers can be combined into almost any length or shape, providing protection from floods anywhere that is needed. In a statement Ed Day said “These barriers can be moved to the appropriate area in a matter of hours, providing a last-resort measure for local homes and businesses that are threatened by rising waters.” One of the areas in the county that has seen its share of devastating floods and will greatly benefit from the new barriers is the Squires Gate area of Suffern, which suffers the flooding from the Mahwah River. Village advocates applaud the purchase saying in part “These new barriers will help keep the Mahwah River from destroying the Squires Gate community and surrounding neighborhoods in the years to come.” The barriers will be stored at the Rockland County Fire Training Center, and be available to all towns and villages across the county.

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