Deadly Heroin Found Within Rockland

District Attorney Thomas Zugibe with Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan are warning the public of fentanyl-laced heroin that is being blamed for a number of overdoses in Rockland, Upstate New York and New Jersey, some even leading to death. Fetanyl, a narcotic that is one hundred times more potent than morphine can been detected by the packaging which will have a “Red Devil” stamp. New Jersey has received heroin packaged with “Best Buy”, “Red Devil”, and “Bugatti” indicating stamps which all have varying compositions of Fentanyl. Zugibe is urging all those who know of heroin users to contact substance abuse centers. Chief Michael Sullivan lauded the emergency uses of Narcan, the counteracting shot that reverses opioid overdose however saying, “Targeting the sale of heroin through increased enforcement and prosecution is the only sure fire way to reduce overall overdose incidents.”

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