Sheriff Falco Responds To Video, “This Is Not A Sheriff’s Office Issue”

Sheriff Louis Falco has responded to the circulating controversial campaign video released by the Rockland Republican Party questioning his efficacy in addressing the illegal housing issue in Rockland County. In his weekly address with WRCR, Sheriff Falco made clear that housing issues do not fall under the purview of the sheriff’s department. “Listen, everybody in law enforcement knows that this is not a Sheriff’s Office issue, it’s not a Police Department issue. This is a local town and village building inspector, fire inspector, zoning issue. If a police officer or sheriff’s office sees something, he or she perceives it to be a housing violation, they refer that incident to the local town and village building department through the task force that was created by the fire service. The violations are local town and village ordinances enforceable by the building and fire inspector in each town and village. Everyone in law enforcement knows that.” In the video titled, “Where Does Louis Falco Stand on Illegal Housing?” the narration states that, “Sheriff Lou Falco has refused to enforce illegal housing laws,” and is seen as a divisive attack by Republican Richard Vasquez’s camp and has been criticized by local officials such as Supervisor Howard Phillips of the Town of Haverstraw.

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