Rockland to Receive Grant by the EFC

Counties in the lower Hudson Valley will receive funding for clean-water construction projects as well as for storm-resiliency infrastructure in a grant by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. The release by the EFC states that Rockland County will receive a $6.33 million interest-free loan and a $2.37 million grant to go toward replacing emergency generators at the Rockland County Sewer District No. 1 which currently operates and maintains the major interceptors and pumping stations in the towns of Clarkstown, Ramapo, and some parts of Orangetown. The power outages that paralyzed the County during Superstorm Sandy in 2012, forced residents to turn to the use of generators for traffic lights and as well as at gas stations. The storm-mitigation projects are focused on the areas hit by Sandy to protect and upgrade the wastewater facilities. The funds come from New York State’s Mitigation Loan Program which granted $407 million to the fourteen Lower Hudson Valley and New York counties impacted by Sandy in 2012 by the EFC, Department of Health, and Department of Environmental Conservation.

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