Jewish Organizations Hold Rally in Support of East Ramapo Oversight

On Thursday many leaders and members from Jewish organizations met at the West Side Jewish Center in Manhattan to rally in support of the East Ramapo oversight bill that is waiting to be approved by the Legislature. The rally and news conference was held by the Rockland Clergy for Social Justice, the American Jewish Committee, Reform Jewish Voice of New York and Uri L’ Tzedek and was organized to express to state officials that the bill would ensure that East Ramapo provides an equal and fair education to all students. Supporters of the bill have come out in huge force in recent weeks, as the Legislative session ends on June 17. On Wednesday the state Assembly Education Committee approved the legislation, which can now move on to the Assembly and then the Senate. Those who oppose of the bill stated that it’s main point of a state appointed fiscal monitor who would have the power to veto board decisions takes away the democratic power given to board members through the election process. All of the leaders at Thursday’s press conference agreed that the oversight is the best option for the culturally divided district that has been brought forward so far.

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