Crackdown on Welfare Fraud Successful

The Rockland County Department of Social Services announced that their plan to crackdown on welfare recipients has been successful. In 2014 the DSS began looking closely at residents who may have been cheating the program, resulting in 291 applicants being removed from the program or prevented from joining. Using the front end detection system the department was able to identify applications before they were approved by registering red flags regarding incomes and household members. According to county executive Ed Day the fraud detection is good for the county, stating “we want people to stop gaming the system or go elsewhere. When the target hardens, they do”. The crackdown saved taxpayers more than 1.4 million dollars since it began in 2014 by lowering the cost the county would have had to pay in food stamps and medicaid benefits as well as recovering 304 thousand dollars from those who cheated the system.

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