Drivers Urged to Use Caution as Turtles Cross the Road

Drivers along Western Highway at the Orangetown-Clarkstown border are being urged to use extra caution, as turtles are crossing the road. Residents in the county are used to hearing watch out for deer or other sorts of wildlife, but at this time of year at this specific location, snapping turtles are the ones crossing the road. Residents say that this occurs each year and they see more turtles getting hit and killed every year. Because they walk so slow and are so small, drivers may not even realize they hit one of them. Residents are now putting up signs urging drivers to slow down and watch for the turtles, police have also stepped in and put up electronic signs warning drivers to slow down. A Facebook page titled “Turtles of Western Highway” has been started and has received over 400 likes. The reason for the turtles crossing the road, experts say is to lay their eggs on a southern slope. They also say this will occur again in the next few months once the eggs hatch and the babies are born, crossing the road back to their swamp like environment. And just incase you didn’t know, the Turtle is the official reptile of New York State.

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