Heroin Antidote Accessibility in New York Discussed

The New York State Department of Health has responded to Senator David Carlucci’s request for a standing order for pharmacies to make the heroin antidote, known as Naloxone, more accessible to the public. Director of the Health Department’s aids institute, Dan O’Connell, stated in a letter to Senator Carlucci that the department will be working to expand training to pharmacists to allow anyone to buy a Naloxone kit, which includes two doses of the drug and a prescription to use it. Currently there are 55 thousand New Yorkers that have the required training to administer the antidote; Carlucci argued in april that as the overdose rates rise in the state, so must the availability of the drug. O’Connell stated in his response that training will be necessary for the prescriber of the drug, but the department has agreed to improving accessibility to regular people by working on issuing a standing order.

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