Bear Sighting In Ramapo

There has been another bear sighting in Rockland County, this time in the Ramapo area. On Tuesday there were reports of bear sightings, at two different times. The first was at around 11:30 am, where a video was posted to Facebook, showing multiple bears tearing through a neighbors garbage in the area of Neva Court. The second bear sighting of the day came at around 5pm, this time in Suffern in the wooded area around Forest Drive and Terrace Avenue. The bear disappeared deeper into the woods and was not seen since then. As of Tuesday night there have been no other reports of any other sightings. With an increase of seeing these wild animals, and an increased concern, state DEC officials are giving advice, including masking garbage smells, and putting garbage cans in a sturdy structure until it is time for pick up. Officials also note to use extreme caution around cubs, make noise and back away slowly, do not run away.

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