Team To Investigate Transformer Failure At Indian Point

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission released a statement today regarding the start of a review process with a three member NRC Special Inspection Team to look into the failure of a transformer at Indian Point’s Unit 3 from May 9 which caused an explosion and oil to flow into the Hudson River. The team will focus on an electrical supply room within the power plant which was found to have water. The supply room holds equipment that powers the plant’s safety systems though NRC Administrator explained that the equipment did not have contact with water however, examining the volume of water accumulation in the room and the impact it may have had on the incident. After the conclusion of the inspection, the Special Inspection Team will release a report on their findings after 45 days. Indian Point 3 was automatically shutdown on May 9 after a transformer failure caused an “unusual event,” the lowest level of emergency based on the NRC classification system. The built in fire system put out the fire with off-site firefighters spraying water and foam onto the transformer. The report will also indicate whether the water found in the electrical supply room came from the emergency response units.

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