Nadell Receives 23 Years In Prison, Benson, 20 Years In Murder Plot

Diana Nadell, 51, of Cutler Bay, Florida, was sentenced to 23 years in prison on charges of first degree murder and attempted witness tampering in the stabbing death of Peggy Nadell from January of last year. Andrea Benson, 25, of Washington D.C., a hired accomplice to the murder, received 20 years to life for her part the death of Peggy Nadell. In 2014, 80-year old Nadell was stabbed multiple times in her home after which police found her 51-year old daughter-in-law, Diana Nadell, along with Benson to be responsible. Benson had testified in the case that she was paid $10,000 and the two women tricked the older woman into letting them into her house early in the morning on January 25, choking, beating, and stabbing her until she was dead. Nadell was allegedly attempting to gain access to her mother-in-law’s $4 million estate through her husband and was charged with first-degree murder in March of this year. Benson was charged with second-degree murder in June and was portrayed as an abused victim, defense attorney James Crean noting her mother was a crack cocaine addict.

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