Orangetown Public Hearing Video Released, Anellotech Approved

On Friday, The Town of Orangetown released the video of the Planning Board Meeting from April 22 regarding the final vote to approve Anellotech’s controversial research and development facility in Pearl River at the Pfizer campus. Melanie Golden, the environmental consultant for Anellotech from Environmental Management Limited and Charles Sorensen, Vice President of Research, Development, & Engineering at Anellotech explained that details regarding transport, emissions released, biomass materials used, and plans for decommissioning the plant were submitted by application to the Department of Conservation and would be available in a few weeks time. Currently, a three year plan is in place to conduct testing for green biomass energy with wood flour used the first year, corn stover added the second year, and bagasse added in the third year. Emissions released from the catalytic oxidizer in the unit would include benzene toluene xylene (BTX), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and trace amounts of methane which would be monitored yearly. Anellotech President David Sudolsky made the association of similar emissions from a lawn mower running for a short length of time. David Brenner, counsel for Anellotech pointed out the concern of many residents that Orangetown is in fact an industrial zone and this research and development plant complies with the local zoning laws. After the over three hour hearing in which the Anellotech board defended their position against concerned residents and the town board, a final 5-2 vote passed the measure much to the displeasure of the over two dozen local residents who spoke against the facility including Orangetown supervisor Andy Stewart and Clarkstown supervisor Alex Gromack.

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