County Executive Presents Orangeburg Resident With Outstanding Environmental Award

EnvAward20151As part of today’s Earth day events County Executive Ed Day presented the County Executive’s 18th annual “Outstanding Environmental Award” to Grace Meyer of Orangeburg. As a 31-year veteran of the Rockland County Environmental Management Council, Meyer has been a driving force behind local efforts to safeguard the county’s landscape and water resources and raise awareness of our need for a healthy environment. Meyer was involved with the Rockland County Household Hazardous Waste collection project and other early “green” initiatives to improve the quality of life for local residents. Among her chief environmental concerns is the protection and preservation of the Piermont Marsh. She was a charter member of the Piermont Conservation Advisory Commission, the first CAC in Rockland County. Her leadership efforts were instrumental in the inclusion of the Piermont Marsh in the National Estuarine Sanctuary Program. Meyer was also a founding member of the Estuarine Advisory Committee. Grace has dedicated over 30 years of environmental service to Rockland County. The award ceremony took place at Kennedy Dells County Park in New City where a tree was dedicated to commemorate her excellent environmental service to Rockland County.

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