Orangetown Meeting to Discuss Concerns About Anellotech

There will be a hearing at the Orangetown Town Hall on Wednesday at 7:30 PM, which will be open to the public to discuss the proposed Anellotech plant that may be built at the former Pfizer campus. Since the expansion of the pilot plant was first proposed many residents have raised concerns about the company, which takes organic non-food material and turns them into usable chemicals. The major opposition group “Stop Anellotech” stated that they are most concerned with the vent pipe attached to the building that would release industrial chemicals, though officials of the company stated that the emissions pass all minimum state and federal requirements, and would consist mostly of water, carbon-dioxide, and nitrogen which are safe for the environment and residents. The Orangetown Planning Board has seen Anellotech’s proposals before, but Wednesday’s meeting is being held to further discuss the community’s opposition to the plant and time has been set aside at 7:30 on Thursday night as well in case the meeting runs over.

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