NAACP Urges Sensitivity Following Yeshiva Incident

The NAACP is reaching out to local yeshivas to educate students on cultural diversity. According to the Journal News, Wilbur Aldridge, the Regional Director of the MidHudson/Westchester chapter of the NAACP, spoke out against a recent action by a yeshiva during the holiday of Purim, during which classes hung a doll with a painted black face out of the window by the neck. The Rabbi of the yeshiva, Asher Scwab, stated to the newspaper that the doll is meant to represent “Haman” from the Book of Esther and traditionally how the Jewish people overcame him when attempted to kill them. Schwab stated that the act was not meant to be offensive in any way, but according to Aldridge many members of the African-American community were offended by the incident and stated that during a meeting between the yeshiva and the NAACP, the school officials lacked any knowledge of African-American history. The yeshiva issued an official apology at the meeting and Schwab stated that the doll was immediately removed and the school will make more effort in teaching the students to be “culturally sensitive”.

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