Legislature to Decide on County Funding for Hi Tor

According to a statement released by the Rockland County Legislature, Chairman Alden Wolfe and Legislator Jay Hood sponsored a resolution that was recently adopted by the Budget and Finance and Planning and Public Works Committees. The resolution would provide Hi Tor Animal Care Center with $500,000 as a part of the county’s Capital Project Budget to go toward the $1 million building proposal for the new shelter. In March Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski obtained $500,000 grant from New York State, to be applied to the project’s $300,000 funds raised in private donations over the years. About his decision to sponsor the resolution Wolfe stated, “There is no doubt that this organization has operated in the best interest of the animals entrusted to its care, however, the building is no longer adequate to house the revolving and growing population of lost or abandoned animals.” While the resolution was approved at Tuesday’s Planning and Public Works meeting it still needs to be passed by the remainder of the Legislature at the upcoming meeting. As well as by the County Executive. The proposal states that the new shelter would be owned by the county and leased to Hi Tor.

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