Hudson Valley Students And Parents Respond To Standardized Tests

030312_protest_1373725aEvidence of disapproval of the common core standardized testing is present in the numbers of Hudson Valley 3rd through 8th grade students who opted out of the English Language Arts tests Tuesday. In a report by The Journal News, 25 Districts responded for comment to report numbers of their students opting out with two districts reporting 50% refused testing, eight districts reported more than 30%, and fourteen other districts reported at least 15% refused to take the tests. North Rockland saw 63% middle school students refusing and 50% of Ramapo Central middle school students refused.
Jonathan Burman, spokesman for the state Education Department expressed the needs of students being ignored by opting out of testing,”Test refusal is a mistake because it eliminates important information about how our kids are doing. Those who call for opting out really want New York to opt out of information that can help parents and teachers understand how well their students are doing.” Burman also commented that sanctions for test absence would be dependent on the degree and length of time that each district failed to meet the 95% participation requirement. School administrators believe this result to be expected with such strong opposition felt throughout the community spearheaded by teacher unions and education advocacy groups.

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