Children Playing on 9/11 Memorial; County Executive Speaks Out

According to a story that is circulating online and through local media sources, a family was recorded allowing their children to climb and play on the 9/11 Memorial at Haverstraw Bay County Park. The photo shows the Hasidic Jewish family viewing the memorial while behind them their children are sitting on top of part of the installment. It was first seen online and sparked outrage among residents and visitors paying their respects to loved ones and those lost in the September 11 terrorist attacks. One couple stated to News 12 that they often visit their son’s name at the memorial and have seen this type of behavior before. The outcry led County Executive Ed Day to release a statement on his FaceBook page stating, “The ethnic makeup of the family in question is not what matters here. What matters, and what I would ask everyone to focus on, is the desecration of this sacred site.” He went on to say that he will be working with the Parks and Sheriff’s Departments to create signage or ways to ensure there is respect. The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council released a statement against the County Executive’s remarks stating, “Ed Day and his son Chris Day both adapted the photo to post it simultaneously as new posts on their respective FaceBook pages; thus generating more hate comments against Orthodox Jews.” The statement also referenced a recent video titled “The Jew in Rockland”, which compares the secular rift in Rockland County and hateful comments made on social media to Nazi Germany, and most county officials’ calls to remove it. Visitors of the memorial all appear to agree that the main issue is that there was a lack of respect surrounding the place of remembrance.

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