NTSB: Recommendations For Freight Oil Tanker Upgrades

1395441214000-TJN-0323-VIEWBICKING-PHOTOThe National Transportation Safety Board is recommending upgrades for fuel cars after yet another derailment in North Dakota on Sunday, the 5th in North America this year. The Board says cars should either be replaced or fitted with a better mechanism against catching fire as the current steel construction does not provide enough protection. County Executive Ed Day expressed concern for the proximity of tracks and grade crossings to populated towns, “Just feel like it, in my hometown of New City and here in Rockland, it would be like the entirety of the center of New City being obliterated– two blocks on either side of Main Street, four from the court house, down to St. Augustus church.” Department of Transportation spokeswoman Susan Lagana stated that rules to up tank car standards are under final review and will improve safety. The National Transportation Safety Board also recommended a speed reduction for trains in the interim before new safety standards are enacted.

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