Chair of the Legislature Speaks Out About Controversial Video

Rockland County Chairman of the Legislature Alden Wolfe recently spoke out about the controversy surrounding a video released in March titled “The Jew in Rockland”, which compares a local FaceBook page to Nazi propaganda in the early days of the holocaust in Germany. Wolfe stated on Monday that the FaceBook, called “Block the Block” shows “hostility toward the Orthodox community in Rockland County.” According to Wolfe the creator of the page, James Foley, is a county employee, working as a social worker in the Mental Health Department. Speaking with the Journal News Foley stated that he does not represent the county’s opinions and while he does not use the social media site at work he did not give up his right to free speech when he became employed by Rockland. Wolfe called on County Executive Ed Day to ensure that the county’s employees are using their work hours efficiently. Day stated in response, “While Chairman Wolfe focuses on FaceBook, I and other responsible leaders of all faiths are still wondering why, over two weeks later, he has yet to join us in condemning a video that compares his county to Nazi Germany. It is the view of many that is an abdication of his responsibility as an elected official. This particular matter was assessed weeks ago and it is shocking that he is unaware that existing county policy governs the use of social media. He can be assured that while he is away from his part time Legislative job, I am ensuring that all our employees are ‘performing their duties properly’.”

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