Historic Lent House Destroyed

According to the Journal News the 263-year old Lent House in Orangetown that residents have been fighting to save was demolished on Saturday morning. Over the past year several groups of residents have started campaigns to raise $50,000 to have the house taken apart and moved up the road from it’s location on Greenbush Road. The property owners stated to the news source that they were asked to have the building removed last year as a part of a 75-year lease with RD Management, who have plans to build an 18,000 sq. ft. building as an extension of the Orangeburg Commons. The homeowners and their attorneys made the decision to demolish the house that was built in 1752, on Friday night, stating that they did not want to risk the deal with the developers. Orangetown officials andd proponents of saving the building were upset by the quick decision; many stating that they believed their plan to be a win-win for all those involved.

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