Rockland Legislator Speaks Out About Controversial Video

At a press conference on Thursday Rockland County Legislator Aaron Weider discussed a controversial video that was released online in late March. Rumors on the internet and throughout the county spread that Weider was the narrator in the video, which compares hateful and offensive comments on a social media page to the early days of Nazi Germany, though at the conference the Legislator stated that he was not involved in the production at all. When a resident asked if Weider thought the video should be taken down he said it should, stating that it would be for the best to remove the video, which contains harsh visual comparisons to Nazi propaganda released in Europe to describe the fear that the Orthodox Jewish Community feels in Rockland County. Weider stated that while he thinks the video was not done properly and it broadly describes issues in Rockland as anti-semitic, there is tensio that needs to be addressed, stating, “We must acknowledge that a major problem exists in our county and that regardless of political differences, debates about issues should never descend into hateful and destructive rhetoric aimed at any community.”

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