New Rockland Behavioral Health Response Team

Rockland County Executive Ed Day held a press conference on Tuesday with state and county mental health officials to introduce the new Behavioral Health Resonse Team. The State Office Mental Health provided the Rockland Paramedic services in Chestnut Ridge and the county with $950,000 for the team. Day stated that the BHRT will be trained to respond to and care for people who call 911 with a mental health emergency. In the past when 911 operators received such a call the dangers faced by both first responders and those calling in the emergency were greater because of transport time to the emergency room, where they were required to go. Now with the mobile team emergency workers can respond and make decisions on the scene, allowing patients and families to obtain the potential longterm care that they need right away. Each unit has two team members, one behavioral health clinician and one with EMS training who will use their medical expertise to provide on-site and follow-up care.

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