Town Officials Ordered to Pay Back Money Earned as Sewer Board Commissioners

According to a memo from the County Executive’s office, County Attorney, Thomas Humbach stated that elected officials who are being paid for their positions as commissioners of a Rockland County Sewer District, are actually not entitled to salaries and must pay the money they have received back. Town Supervisors Andy Stewart of Orangetown, Christopher St. Lawrence of Ramapo, and Alex Gromack of Clarkstown, as well as Hillburn Mayor Craig Flanagan, Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme, and Sloatsburg Trustee Daniel O’Leary, were informed in January that county law orders that elected officials do not get paid and they would not continue receiving salaries, and recently they were informed that they must pay back the money. Of the officials who responded to the memo, most stated that they would follow the county’s order, while some questioned if it is possible to get all the money back because of income and social security taxes that have already been paid. The thirteen seats on the sewer district board are filled by the Legislature, eight are for elected officials and five are reserved for residents who are allowed by county law to receive a salary. Former Clarkstown Councilman John Maloney who finished his term in 2009, remained as a commissioner in the seat reserved for an elected official, though he stated that he was a commissioner in the seat reserved for an elected official, though he stated that he was appointed as a residential commissioner. He was asked to step down in January following Humbach’s description of county law. All of the officials agreed in January to continue serving without pay.

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