Video Released Targeting “Block the Block Vote” Facebook Page

On sunday, a video was released online expressing what many members of the Orthodox Jewish community feel is growing anti-semitism in Rockland County. The narration in the video titled “the Jew in Rockland”, which was produced by Colossal PR, begins with the comparison of a Facebook page to nazi propaganda released in Europe during the Holocaust. The video caused controversy in the county, and was aimed at the Facebook page named “Block the Block Vote” and various offensive comments that have been posted there. The creators of the video, Yossi Gestetner and Benny Polatseck stated to the journal news that they created the nearly six-minute video to expose hatred in the county targeted at the Jewish community, in the video the narrator is heard referencing offensive comments and images from the social media site, and comparing the situation to the early Nazi regime in Germany. County Executive Ed Day stated in a response to the video, “the divisive statements by some to compare the deliberate, systematic murder of millions of Jews to our way of life and free speech in Rockland county are abhorrent.  Comparisons to Nazi Germany are offensive and irresponsible – hateful and outrageous rhetoric that can only divide Rockland county.” According to the journal news story, the creator of the Facebook page, James Foley stated that some comments are offensive, but he does not agree with them and feels they weaken his position, which is to “end the current financial abuse of the Rockland County community at large by the Orthodox and Hasidic communities.” The full video can be found on youtube.

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