Tips on Fire Safety Released

The Rockland County Department of Health and fire officials are teaming up to provide information that can save lives when it comes to fires in your home. According to a release sent out by Rockland Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Rupert, the main thing that people can do to increase their chances of survival during fires is to have a working smoke detector in the home. Through the healthy neighborhood program residents who cannot afford smoke detectors and meet the guidelines can receive one from the health department and have it installed at no cost. It is recommended that you replace your batteries twice a year, and replace the entire detector every ten years, there should be one on every floor of your home. Create an exit plan with your family, for example where to meet outside of the house in the event of an emergency. Never smoke in bed, never leave a stove or hot surface unattended, and make sure to have all of appliances, chimney, and furnace inspected in a timely manner. For more tips and information on the healthy neighborhood program call 845-364-3292 or 845-364-3290.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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