Clarkstown Officials Requesting More Sharing of Information

Clarkstown officials presented an idea to the county that would allow villages and towns to share information when it comes to increased development and zoning issues along the borders. Clarkstown is currently fighting to gain more information on the Pascack Ridge development in Ramapo, a slaughterhouse in New Square, and the Anellotech plant in Pearl River, three projects that many residents are opposed to. According to officials the town has to wait for freedom of information requests to be approved before they are allowed information that the County Planning Department is given instant access to, such as traffic studies and air quality reports. Supervisor Alex Gromack stated that he has reached out to state officials to change the laws to allow individuals to change the laws to allow individuals within 50 feet of development to obtain information that the county has. Clarkstown officials have proposed that the other towns and villages work together to provide information that will protect the environment and communities from overdevelopment and negative side effects to various proposed plans.

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