Child-Luring Attempt in Nyack

According to police a man confronted a young girl in Nyack on Wednesday and attempted to lure her into his car. The Nyack School District sent home a letter, informing parents of the potential threat to their children. Police stated that around 7:25 in the morning the man pulled over his car while the 12-year old girl was walking alone and started talking with her, saying how pretty he thought she was and asking her to get in the white four-door sedan with him. The girl reported that she ran, but was blocked when the man pulled his car in front of her, urging her to get in. When the girl made it to the school she informed teachers and police, who began an investigation. The man was described as a middle-aged, heavy set, bald, white male with glasses. Both Orangetown Police and Nyack Grandview Police are accepting information on the man or the incident.

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