Judge Rules Spring Valley Must Pay Mayor’s Legal Fees

A New York State Supreme Court Judge has ruled that the village of Spring Valley is responsible for paying Mayor Demeza Delhomme’s legal fees in the ongoing lawsuit against him, filed by three of the village Trustees. In 2014 Trustees Vilair Fonvil, Emilia White, and Asher Grossman filed a suit against the mayor, accusing him of improperly attempting to terminate Fovil’s position as trustee and ignoring state laws and board resolutions when he fired multiple village employees. Justice Gerald Loehr reinstated Fonvil and recently ordered that the village pay $250 an hour for an attorney equivalent to the amount the trustees are paying their lawyer. Village Attorney Jerrold Miles resigned in December, and the mayor has been unable to obtain legal defense from other available village representation. The law firm representing the trustees presented the village a $14,500 bill for their services last year and according to Delhomme the Board of Trustees is refusing to hire a new attorney, which would lower costs.

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