Supervisor Gromack Outlines Proposal for Mall Security

Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack along with Deputy Supervisor Shirley Lasker and Police Chief Mike Sullivan gathered outside the Palisades Mall this afternoon to outline the Supervisor’s proposal to request a funding increase for security measures throughout New York State malls. Supervisor Gromack addressed the clear and present dangers from terrorist groups that exist against malls across America, “It’s not a secret that they view malls as a high risk area. And it’s not a secret and municipalities across the state have had to put more and more resources to protect our malls. The proposal that we are submitting to the governor of the state of New York and our state legislatures is a measure that we believe will have an important effect on supplementing the security of malls around the state.” The proposal calls for state funding for malls greater than 750,000 square feet, specifically requesting $2 million for malls from 750,000 to 1,000,000 square feet and $2.5 million for malls greater than 1,000,000

This equates to total expenditure for New York state at $94.5 million, yearly. Gromack made clear that the funding would go toward adding security personnel and not for holes in the town budget, remarking that the budget is indeed stretched thin. The Palisades Mall at 1.8 million square feet is the third largest mall in New York State which would receive $2.5 million and the Shops at Nanuet at just under 900,000 square feet would receive $2 million. An estimated 34 million combined shoppers visit these two malls each year and by receiving an additional 6-7 officers, Deputy Supervisor Shirley Lasker believes this would free up resources for the community. Police Chief Mike Sullivan stated that the funding will allow for more training and additional staff which will work directly with mall security in all circumstances.

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