Jury Continues Deliberating Spears Case; Could See Decision Today

A jury is set to continue deliberations today after sitting in discussion all day on Friday, asking to see evidence and testimonies once more in the case against former Chestnut Ridge mother Lacey Spears who is accused of killing her son with fatal levels of sodium in January 2014. The jury began deliberating the case on Thursday and continued Friday, watching video evidence brought forward by the prosecution, which shows Spears and her five-year old son Garnett head into the bathroom and soon after the young boy getting visibly sick in his hospital room. The jury spent most time with the video, but also referenced charts of sodium, and testimony by a friend of Spears. Jurors also asked the judge for a definition of “reckless and depraved indifference”. Spears is waiting for the jury’s decision on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter.

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