Indian Point’s Unit 3: Scheduled Temporary Shutdown

stock-footage-indian-point-energy-center-unit-on-the-hudson-river-in-buchanan-new-yorkA press release by Entergy, owner of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant Facility in Buchanan, New York, outlined a shutdown of one of the two domed energy units for $50 million in refueling and inspection projects expected to employ 1,000 more workers and bring an economic boost to the surrounding community. Unit 3, which had been online since it’s last refueling outage two years ago in April, consistently generated electricity at around 99 percent of that time period. The press release also states that the facility generates, “approximately 2000 megawatts of electricity for homes, business and public facilities in New York City and Westchester County.” In speaking with the Senior Lead Communications Specialist at Entergy, Patricia Kakridas clarified that these outages are very routine, coming once every two years and lasting approximately one month. Unit 3’s outage will have no effect on Indian Point’s other operating unit, Unit 2, which will continue full power service.

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