New York Assembly Passes DREAM Act, Next Senate

The New York State Assembly passed the DREAM Act Thursday afternoon which would allow for need-based tuition assistance for undocumented immigrants. The final tally read 87-45 almost entirely along party lines with six upstate Democratic Assembly members and one from Staten Island voting nay on the bill. This is the third year of approval from the Assembly where it is consistently opposed by Republicans in the Senate. Last year, the DREAM Act failed by one vote due to Republican opposition and Democrats not voting along party lines. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $142 billion budget plan includes the DREAM Act but strategically tied it to the Republican backed education tax credit which would call for a compromise on both issues. Assemblyman Steve Katz of R-Yorktown who was excused from the vote, summed up the central debate facing the State Legislature, “It is irresponsible and typical of this government to attach two remarkably different bills to one another…I sincerely hope that, during budget negotiations, everyone comes to their senses and removes the DREAM Act provision of the budget.”

Passage lies at the state level and all states have their own tuition equity policies. California, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington have already passed the DREAM Act into law.

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