Closing Arguments and Jury Deliberation for Lacey Spears’ Trial

B9316388702Z.1_20150226153516_000_G15A2OICJ.1-0Closing arguments were heard this afternoon in the Lacey Spears trial, first by defense attorney Stephen Riebling who had a daunting task for his client because she did not testify. Riebling’s summation, before a court room of more than 45 people, went on for over two hours where he blamed Nyack Hospital and painted Spears as an attentive, loving mother. Riebling emphasized that the jury look only at the facts presented and to put aside any emotion tied to the case. The case is, “riddled with reasonable doubt,” as he outlined the lack of evidence put forth by the prosecution for the actual act of poisoning as well as a lack of motive and that the hospital was to blame for Garnett not receiving the IV fluids he needed. Though videos were shown of the suffering of Garnett, Riebling noted that footage of Spears comforting her son were omitted. He further defended Spears’ internet search history saying hypernatremia was not a new condition Garnett suffered from, citing that it began when he was a baby. The prosecution is set to complete their closing arguments this afternoon with the judge ordering the jury soon after.

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