Monsey Rabbi Included in Kidnap-Divorce Scheme

Rabbi-Mendel-EpsteinTrial began Wednesday for Rabbi Mendel Epstein, accused of hiring a team to kidnap and impose forced divorces upon unwilling husbands. The charges against him are conspiracy to commit kidnapping and attempted kidnapping. Prosecutors say the kidnapping team used handcuffs and electric cattle prods as torture devices to pressure men to grant divorces, known as a ‘get.’ Undercover agents recorded Epstein acknowledge the use of said devices as well as citing $50,000 for a staged kidnapping from 2013. He is alleged to have carried out several kidnappings over many years. Defense attorney Robert Stahl contends Epstein has committed no wrong doing, citing his 1989 book, “A Woman’s Guide to the Get Process.” Epstein along with his son and three other rabbi’s were indicted last may, one of whom is Monsey local, Rabbi Martin Wolmark. Wolmark is scheduled for sentencing in May and faces up to five years in prison along with a $250,000 fine.

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