Judge Rules Clarkstown Board was Wrong

According to a recent court decision, the Clarkstown Board of Trustees was not following state law in 2012 when they reassigned a group of mechanics in an attempt to save money by consolidating the care of equipment for the Highway Department, Mini Trans, and police moving them to a separate garage that was under the control of fleet manager Dennis Malone. Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard filed a law suit against the board, claiming that creating the new law to consolidate violated the highway laws put in place by the state, which require that all equipment remain under the care of the superintendent. The judge ordered that the law was not created properly and it gave control over mechanics and equipment to the fleet manager, who doesn’t have to answer to the people, since he is appointed unlike the superintendent who is elected. Officials stated that the mechanics were transferred back to the Highway Department, and until discussion can continue, six remain with the Mini Trans and town garage and are under the supervision of Malone.

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