Doctor Recalls Last Moments of Spears at Hospital

Image: Lacey Spears, David R. SachsDr. Carey Goltzman, the head of the pediatric intensive care unit at the Westchester Medical Center, testified on Thursday in the murder trial of Lacey Spears in Westchester County Court. Garnett Spears’ sodium levels spiked shortly before he was transferred from Nyack Hospital to Westchester where Goltzman ordered a slow drop in sodium levels to prevent life-threatening complications if levels dropped too quickly. Until a dramatic code alerted the doctor to rush to Garnett’s side, he was allegedly stabilizing and resting comfortably. Upon examination, Garnett was unresponsive and a CAT scan showed his swollen brain pushing on the brain stem. Ramapo Sergeant John Lynch was scheduled to testify on Thursday but after objection by defense lawyers, Lynch’s testimony will be reviewed.

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