Diversity Forum for the Betterment of East Ramapo School District

East Ramapo ProjectA set of workshops organized and hosted by Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge took place Wednesday night with a focus on diversity and understanding, acting as a sounding board for the students, parents and multi-ethnic community that make up the East Ramapo school district. Randolph Carter, of the Eastern Educational Resource Collaborative, lead open discussions focusing on education for everyone in the school district. The national organization provides consulting for schools that haves issues with diversity.

There was notable little representation from the Orthodox, Black and Latino communities but attendees hoped future attendance for forums would better reflect the community as a whole. The struggles between the largely Orthodox and Hasidic school board versus the public school community are well known and stem from claims that the board allocates shared resources for mainly private school use.

Superintendent of East Ramapo Schools Joel Klein was positive about the usefulness of the forum and hoped for consensus among the community for the sake of the 33,000 students.

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