Principal Verbally Harasses Special Education Students in Recording

According to an audio recording made by a former teacher’s aide for the Hilltop school special education program, the principal can allegedly be heard verbally abusing students at the school during a group rehearsal for graduation in 2011. Kenneth Egan released the recording as a part of a lawsuit he filed against the Rockland Bosces run institute after he was allegedly fired just before his tenure for raising complaints against Principal Kimberly Taylor, who he stated has had several incidents of abuse against the children, at one point in 2009 physically hurting them by throwing them onto the floor and into the walls. In the recording, Taylor is heard yelling profanities at two children in front of the group of 250 students, calling one a “retard” and an embarrassment while children laugh. Egan’s attorney Randolph McClaughlin stated that they will be suing to ensure that proper actions are taken against Egan’s former employers and the principal, and that his client believes that there is a definite connection between his loss of a job and coming forward with complaints of abuse. Officials for Rockland Bosces stated that Taylor was suspended for a week at the time of the incident, and has remained in her position since then.

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