Alternative Veterans’ Exemption Depends on Taxpayer Participation

b2a641df47d46c3e109ed59d1c44e6a5Back in December of 2013, Governor Cuomo signed in law legislation that would allow school districts to offer veterans property tax exemptions. The State will not reimburse them so the taxpayers will have to offer the added expense. As of now, 27 of 54 school districts in the Lower Hudson Valley are on board with the exemption however arguments against implementation stem from certain lower income areas as well as those with larger populations of veterans. Veterans recently returning face financial burdens and such breaks will encourage them to stay in the county rather than be displaced from family and local ties. Senator David Carlucci with Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti of Greenburgh, have sponsored a bill to appeal to the state Education Department on behalf of the participating school districts. Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee co-sponsored the bill and also sees the merit of the exemptions but also hopes to seek assistance from the State. South Orangetown Central School District has voted yes to adopt the Alternative Veterans’ Tax Exemption.

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