Details From New City Standoff Emerge

A clearer picture of Vincent Cordaro, 57, of New City has been revealed of yesterday’s standoff with Police. Cordaro was intoxicated and had cordoned himself off to authorities late Sunday into the early hours of Monday morning brandishing a rifle. After a more than five hour ordeal with Cordaro firing repeatedly at Police, threatening and refusing negotiations over the phone, and an attempt by Police to use gas, a bullet fired from an officer with the Critical Incident Response Team ended the tragic incident. Cordaro had a previous criminal record for burglary and DWIs, including one which was pending from last September. He also appeared to have held a grudge against a Clarkstown Officer and called out to confront him at the house. Officers had visited his home previously for domestic violence incidents. Neighbors commented saying Cordaro was a “great guy” who tended to their car issues as well as volunteered to shovel driveways.

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