Clarkstown to Vote on Closing School

The Clarkstown School Board will vote on the closure of one of their ten elementary schools at their meeting tonight. At the board’s meeting last week, District Superintendent J. Thomas Morton proposed that a decision be made to close and repurpose one of the buildings, following reports of a decrease in enrollment and budget issues. Officials stated that they will likely try to rent the closed building to BOSCES or use it for something else, rather than sell it to an outside entity. Closing one school would save $1.5 million in the budget for the next school year, and will cut transportation and jobs for that location. Many residents seem to believe that Congers Elementary will be the one to shut down, last year the district voted to pass a $6.5 million bond to repair the crumbling structure. Board officials stated that if the decision is made to keep all schools open and continue repairs on the historic Congers building the district would need to cut programs and find other forms of saving. The meeting will take place tonight at 8:30 at the Clarkstown High School South.

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