Orangetown Planning Board Sued by Residents

Recently a suit was filed against the Orangetown Planning Board by a group of residents who formed the coalition, Stop Anellotech, a startup company who has plan to build plant on the old Pfizer campus. The suit is asking that the decision to allow a fifteen-foot high vent pipe releasing chemical emissions be stopped, many residents stating that they are concerned that the emissions could be hazardous to the community and environment. The group of opponents are claiming in the suit that the planning board didn’t complete enough research on the environmental effects as per state mandated procedure. Anellotech converts non-food organic waste into industrial chemicals and representatives have stated that the emissions will contain a fraction of the chemicals below the minimum guidelines of the US Environmental Protection Agency and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, but the gases released will mostly be made up of inert nitrogen, CO2, and water. The plant would create chemicals such as benzene, toluene, and xylene, which opponents stated are all linked to health issues, especially benzene which has been reported to increase the risk of leukemia. An attorney for the company stated that the lawsuit will likely be quick, due to the limited grounds and the town stated that they will soon file a response.

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