Spring Valley Village Assessor Makes Controversial Assessments

According to the Journal News Spring Valley mayor Demeza Delhomme is looking to the Village Assessor for an explanation on the low assessments on properties. Delhomme stated this week that while looking into the assessment rolls he noticed that Ramapo and Clarkstown, who also assess properties in Spring Valley, often have higher assessments. Ramapo Assessor Scott Shedler stated that the town updates property records often and receives reports from villages monthly for permits, though Spring Valley part-time Assessor Laurence Holland stated that the differences shown in property details could mean that there was no notice of change received by the village. Delhomme’s investigations into the village’s rolls led him to find five properties listed as vacant, while the town had them listed as family homes or apartments. Many villages in Rockland County don’t have their own assessors anymore, opting to use the town’s to obtain information on properties. Since taking office a year ago, Delhomme has found controversy with the board and many residents, and last month he fired the village’s building inspector.

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